I am Bluntoze , CEO and only "employee". This is my first ever project for a gaming community, also first web design project, and a lot of other firsts from my part. Star Citizen and all that is happening around it gave me the push I needed to actually do something like this.

As much a lover of criticism as the next person, I would prefer if it would be of the constructive kind and if it came with solutions.
To end this excuse for an introduction I will leave you with my favorite quote:

“I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.”

J.R.R. Tolkien The Fellowship of the Ring
Star Citizen Theme LIVE

For those who might not have found out yet, you can have an RSS feed update your desktop wallpapers. That is what Windows calls RSS Theme.

On this portal you can build your own customized Star Citizen theme. I will be keeping all those categories up to date with the latest wallpaper material I can get my hands on.

Think of this as an alternative way of getting the latest Star Citizen goodies.

Might even find some exclusive wallpapers.

If you are not interested in RSS Themes you can get the wallpaper you want directly from the collection.
Open Wallapers Collection

Get wallpaper updates on time

To make the most out of your RSS Theme take the jump and read how you can tweak your system.

Windows uses Internet Explorer to manage the feeds used for RSS themes, and there are a few hidden settings that you might find quite useful.

Help keep the feeds fresh

Send me a link to anything you consider would make a good wallpaper. It needs to be on the Star Citizen topic and at least 1920x1080.


There where other atepts at making a map with the citizens, but a public map where people can move whatever marker they want can not cut it.

So I give you the map web app. You can place your location and remove it whenever you want, and you can only view other users and the details they decided to share.

Have an event comming up and you wanna meet with other citizens ? Put your pin in the right location , leave a contact information and see if people gather. Could come in handy with events like Gamescom or any fan events.



You can filter the people on the map by the community they belong to, the citizenship rank or subscriber level. Filters are cummulative. Might come in handy to people that just love statistics.


Find locations on the map by searching for a name or some description. Noticed some name on the forums and you are wondering where he might be?

Your location

Change your location on the fly. Drag place yor pin wherever you want. Might add in the future some boundaries so not everybody places themselfs in the ocean or something.

Planned updates:

Event markers

Ability to add avent markers with details about the event and countdown to said event. They will be added on request so to not get any abuse.